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Scream ‘Remember Me!’ with a Graphic Designer, your Business Cards will.

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

All you have to do to make a business card is to do the layout, put in an image and add some contact details right? Wrong! If it were that easy, they would be replaced by digital versions. Business cards are all about making the best first impression! Your card has to sum-up your brand and ethic. The card has to be innovative to be able to stand out from the competition and show that you are an established and trustworthy business.

So how do you fit all that into one small business card? Sounds tricky doesn’t it? It is! That’s why getting a graphic designer involved in the creation of your business card makes sense. Ideally, the design of your business card should be part of a larger branding project for your business. If your budget allows, your chosen graphic designer should design all your promotional materials, even websites. At the very least, your graphic designer is well equipped to design you an awesome business card.

What will the feel of your business card be like? What colours should you use? What typeface and font would look best? Should you add an image or a logo? Where would it be best placed? What unique details could you use to make your business card stand out? A good graphic designer will work with you on all of these things. Once you’ve established a feel and a theme with your designer, they will create several versions for you to choose from, so you can select the right design that resonates with your brand. It will end up looking professional and will leave a lasting impression, prompting people to remember your business, long after your first meeting.

Have you tried designing and printing your own business card? Yes, it’ll certainly cost less or you’ll only have to print a few at a time. It’ll also mean you can change details frequently, but seriously, none of this can compensate for good design. If your business card doesn’t stand out and look interesting, it’s likely to be quickly forgotten. Without any distinguishing design elements, it will be harder to make a long-lasting impression, and harder for your clients to remember who you are. You want to be memorable!

And there you have it. It’s so worth investing in a good graphic designer and expert printing to get you off to a great professional start. Click here to get started.

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