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Just Logos? How else can a Graphic Designer help my Business?

For many new small businesses, deciding on branding is usually one of the first steps. No matter what industry you're in, there will always be competitors and you must stand out from the crowd. A graphic designer is crucial for this as they can take into consideration your business name, industry, and your potential customers, to create a brand that suits you.

What is involved with branding?

Branding covers many things but designers will usually start with a logo. This will be the thing that people will remember when thinking about your business and so it needs to be memorable. From the colours to the type-face, to the symbol your logo will embody, the designer will take good care in creating a logo that speaks to your customers. Once the logo is finalised there is no going back as this is the one thing that needs to stay consistent. Branding also covers business cards, brochures, leaflets etc. and will match the colours and fonts of your logo.

Graphic designers are very clever in that they'll create these things to match your logo and if done correctly, people will see the fonts, colour and style and know it's you straight away before they even notice the logo. This is why it is so crucial to your business, no matter how small, and why hiring a professional designer is so important.

What else can I get from a graphic designer?

Graphic designers can help with creating website banners for advertising your business, adverts to be placed in magazines, catchy graphics for posting on your social media accounts and much more. Adverts for websites and magazines Website banners need to stand out as they're usually placed on busy websites with a vast variety of other banners, usually animated, and if not designed correctly they can get lost on the page. The same goes with adverts that are placed in magazines, however, they don't have animated adverts to compete with and if the advert is of a decent size will more likely be seen by potential customers.

Social Media Graphics

Graphics for posting on social media is a vital part of any small business these days, as the social media age gets bigger and bigger. Whatever platform a customer uses, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. if they're interested in what you have to offer they will look for you on their preferred platform. People respond more on posts that include images so the images must be eye-catching to garner people's interest. The more interest, the more likes and shares, and the more your post and business will get seen. Not only are catchy graphics important on social media accounts, but the branding that's used must match the rest of your offline branding. Facebook and Twitter allow for covers to be uploaded to personalise the page, and Twitter even lets you change the colour scheme. Having the cover and colours match increases brand awareness and any customer visiting these pages will instantly recognize who you are.

Summing Up

If you're just starting you may not think it necessary to hire a graphic designer straight off the bat, however making that good first impression amongst your potential customer base is very important so you need to get the branding right straight away. You need to stand out from your competitors and a professional graphic designer can help you do that.

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