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Super 8 & 8mm Film Reels


Do you have Super 8 or 8mm film packed away safely in your home? The film won't last forever! Wouldn't you like to enjoy them again on your TV or computer? We are now offering quality Super 8 & 8mm silent film scanning to HD 1080p to let you relive those old memories. 



3" Reel* - $120 

5" Reel* - $180

Postage flat rate to anywhere in Australia $20

*Note: This price currently relates only to silent Super 8 or 8mm film.


The process is easy. Just contact us, package up your reels and post to us and we'll return them safely within 30 days with a USB with all your digitised footage ready to view on your TV. Parcel Tracking is provided on all parcels.

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